An Unlikely Art Scene

When you think performing arts around the Indianapolis metro area, you may not think “Fortville”, but maybe you should. This small town that’s just east of the Geist area has a thriving arts community, one that centers around a unique facility: Ten West Center for the Performing Arts. Ten West hosts theater performances, holds regular dance and art classes for all ages and hosts special events.

tenwestfcfWhen my son and I won tickets to a magic show at Ten West, I was skeptical. I drove out east on 96th street all the way around the reservoir, and past Olio Road. After just a couple of miles of cornfields, we were in Fortville. We easily parked and found our way into the auditorium. While it isn’t fancy, the seats are comfortable, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. We both really enjoyed Dan Dygert’s show, and while the town may be small, the magic act wasn’t. We both had a chance to be called on stage and saw the magic happen right before our very eyes.

A few weeks later I was back for a comedy performance with friends, and again, I had a great time. This time, I timed my drive from the Castleton area, and it clocked in right at 18 minutes. That’s closer than downtown, AND the parking is free! We laughed and laughed at Dave Dugan’s performance, and it was cool to see a familiar voice from the radio come to life. Experiencing big talent in a small venue is a something I highly recommend.

Most recently, my daughter attended an art class at Ten West. The art room is well equipped and full of natural light. The art teacher was a pro, and skillfully led twelve little girls through the fine art of drawing a cat. My daughter ended up with an amazing piece of art, and I was, once again, amazed at the art offerings in Fortville.