Indiana Bastille Day: Enjoy an Evening in Paris

This Saturday the town of Fortville will be a bit of everything French as the 5th annual Bastille Day celebration takes place. Taking place in Landmark Park, activities for the whole family will make for a fun evening. The Town of Fortville is a friendly place, and if you’re looking for a family-friendly, small town festival, this is one you’re going to love.

The first logical question might be, what is Bastille Day? Bastille Day is a French holiday, commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution. On July 14, 1789, the Bastille (a prison stronghold) was stormed by common Parisians, and the revolution began.  The absolute monarchy that had ruled for centuries was toppled in three years. Much like the Fourth of July is a day to celebrate American Independence, Bastille Day is celebrated throughout France as a day of national pride.

indiana-bastille-day-2014_wpThe Fortville celebration of Bastille Day includes many French-inspired diversions, including French singer Michela Perillo, a marionette show by PeeWinkle Puppet Studio, and a Pétanque tournament (it’s a type of lawn bowling enjoyed in France). Artisan food will be available for purchse throughout the event.  Additional musical acts are slated to perform, and there will be demonstrations by the local police and fire departments.

The Waiters’ Race, a new event for 2014, will introduce another French pastime to Central Indiana. Waiters’ Races started in the Paris during the early 1900s to bring attention to the profession. It’s now international entertainment, with races found in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Participants race, while carrying a loaded tray.

Costumed characters, from the Fishers Renaissance Faire will present during the event, sharing what it was like in pre-revolution  France.

The evening will top off with a traditional French lantern procession. Visitors will be able to make their own for a small fee earlier in the day, or purchase one already assembled. The lantern procession will be followed by a laser light show in the park, scheduled to start around 10:30pm.

Fortville Bastille Day has been enjoyed by several thousand people since it’s inception in 2010. This year, an attendance of 6,000 is anticipated. The event is free, and will be held from 4pm- 11pm.

  • What: Indiana Bastille Day
  • Where: Landmark Park, 200 East Church Street, Fortville
  • When: Saturday, July 12, 2014
  • Time: 4pm- 11pm

Free Admission! Free Entertainment! Free Summer Memories in the Making!

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